At HG & Associates, we create a lot of material to make the industry aware of the benefits with our information and services. I write most of the copy myself. However, the best advertising for our business building programs comes from the contractors who have actually benefited from it. Here is a small sampling, taken from the reams of letters and testimonials we receive. I can assure you, all of these people are real and their attitudes and their words are their own.”


The following are quotes and audio files of just a handful of the thousands
of contractors that have worked with HG & Associates, Inc...


"HG & Associates has powerful business building information! I have been working with them for 4+ years and thanks to his help my business is on the right track!"

Sam Sasser
S.E. Sasser, Inc


"When I first met HG & Associates my business was about to shut it's doors for good! After working with them I turned my net profit around 13% in the first year...reduced my debt AND put money in my company savings account after making more in that year then I had in the last 10! Thanks Henry!"

Mike Fortenberry
Fortenberry Roofing


"This program has a wealth of valuable information and has been a tremendous help to us here at BBI Construction Management."

Joe Burns


"Imagine picking up your entire business and putting it in a whole new market place and turning a profit in the 1st quarter...I DID just that by following Henry's Systems! Now my business is my vehicle to success as it has won numerous awards and enabled me to live the lifestyle I always dreamed of!!!"

David Bengston
Lighthouse Construction


"Your system is AMAZING! I never kept track of anything...I just assumed I was making money! Now with what you taught me I can't wait to start my new year! I have been a member of CCN and felt that all I was to them was a number and I was looking for something else! That is when I found YOU! Your Boot Camp was one of the best boot camps I have been to in a long time! I wanted to let you know that I was truly touched by your boot camp and I look forward to working with you and your son in the upcoming year! See you at the next boot camp!"

Charles Choate
Advace Contracting


"HG & Associates Golden Hard Hat program has TONS of POWERFUL Business Building Information ... we have been using it for the past 2 years and in all honestly without Henry we'd be lost!"

Kathleen Rua
Rua & Son's Inc


"We decided to attend Henry’s 2 day seminar in Chicago last year after our local NAHB reported back that HG & Associates is the best of the best. Still at first we were skeptical that he or anyone would be able to provide us with what he said he could . . . by lunch of the first day I was blown away! Henry did an outstanding job and opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunity! Day #2 solidified what we were thinking...


We have since joined the Golden Hard Hat program and attended one of Henry's Boot camps in Sarasota and are implementing with Henry's just some of the systems he has taught us! Currently we are on our way to our most profitable year EVER! Our Net Profit this year will be an improvement of over 1,000%! Thanks Henry!"

Leon Bland
Van Gogh Homes Inc


"With only a quarter of the systems in the Golden Hard Hat program implemented we are already having our most profitable year EVER! I can only imagine how easy it will be when we implement the others systems!!!

The best part of the program is I can call Henry when ever I want and he is always there to help me develop a solution to any problem I run into. Finally I have a coach that keeps me and my business on the right track.

James Fitzgerald
DBK Industries


We have been members of the Golden Hard Hat program for over a year and attended 3 of Henry's Boot camps just in the past 6 months! We learn something new every time we come! If I can say one thing only about Henry & Heath it is that...we will continue to come back time and time again and renew our membership because the return on our investment is AMAZING! I would pay triple what he charges … if we’d only known about this program earlier.

Steve & Mary Jo Merando
SAM Builders


"We have been working with Henry for over 3 years! He has shown us the way to properly manage our business so we can get what we want out of it! We are no longer working for a paycheck but are building TRUE wealth!

Tom & Monica Connors
Connors Electric


"I always felt that I had the right idea but I truly never knew. I was going at it alone! When I attended Henry & Heath's 2 day seminar the light bulbs began going off one after another! I had finally found someone who had BEEN THERE and DONE IT that I could trust to take me where I wanted to be! His information is truly powerful! I have attended his last 3 boot camps myself and have paid to bring my top employees as well!

Thanks to what I have learned in the Golden Hard Hat program we have almost doubled our net profit! Now we are looking at having our best year ever in 05'!

Dan Karcher
Dan Karcher Const.


"When I first found Henry I knew I wasn't getting what I should out of my business … I was working too hard to be making so little! Yet I still thought I could do it on my own … I mean I am a contractor I have always done it myself to get it done right!

6 months later after losing more money I realized that I could no longer go it alone! I called and made the investment into the Golden Hard Hat program. After the first 6 months in the program my business was back on the right track! I began making more money with each and every job and I could now see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Thanks to this program I am having the best year I have ever had in my business!!

If you want more out of your business then I urge you to not wait like I did but act today and see for yourself what Henry has to offer!

Erik Williams
Thunder Bay Roofing