Henry Goudreau

Henry Goudreau

CEO & Founder, HG & Associates, Inc

To be a great teacher, you have to be a willing student. Thirty years ago, when Henry Goudreau decided it was time to stop working for others and build his own business, his greatest asset was the realization that there was a lot he needed to learn. He sought out the best teachers, consultants, seminars, and books -- especially in areas where many entrepreneurs fall short: business development, marketing, advertising, employee training, and customer satisfaction. His business flourished while his expertise grew exponentially.

At the young age of 32 Henry was able to put his first million in the bank ... then at only 43 years old he was able to sell his multi-million dollar construction business for multiples of earnings.

Henry's background is the construction business. His father was a contractor and, even as a small boy, while other children were playing with blocks, Henry was building on a much larger scale --- his imagination. His technical know-how is construction, but now his passion is passing on what he learned, and helping others grow their dreams. His gift for teaching people the secrets to business profitability continues to make audiences sit up and listen. Henry will get your people on-track, laser focused, and fighting for their dreams once more. Henry is available for interviews and can be reached at 941-377-1254.