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The role of the business owner is to lead their business to success and prosperity. Too many owners leave their fate up to their poorly trained and skilled employees. This is corporate suicide since you are really asking someone else who doesn’t share the same dreams and goals as you to re-invent your business!

At HG & Associates, Inc., we take your employees and train them to the proven methods, processes and procedures that work and achieve results!

If you want to achieve maximum potential with your business your leverage for accomplishing this starts with well-trained employees.

Start your journey to real business success by clicking on the Boot Camp of your choice and getting your employees and yourself the skills needed to exceed your expectations!


Administrative Boot Camp
Training for the Office Staff
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Blue Collar Boot Camp
Training for Field Supervisors
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Estimating & Project Management
Training for Project Success!
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SUPER Business Building Conference for Contractors
4 Days Training for the Owner and Key Personnel
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