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If your construction business is consuming your life, stop running it the hard way! Here's how to make your construction business work hard for you ...

"Best two-day seminar I've ever attended for contractors!"
Bob Foglia - General Contractors

"Henry has a solid grasp of the "real" world of construction."
Frederick Derr - Frederick Derr & Co.

"Finally, a program that was able to keep 100% of my attention. I received more than you promised!"
Robert Doerrfield - RJ Doerfeld & Co

Which of These 4 Major Problem Areas Gives You Your Biggest Headache?

    • Sales & Marketing
    • Management & Operations
    • Finance & Administration
    • People & Productivity

Are you sick and tired of being a One-Man operation, slaving day and night to make a living? Is your business consuming your life leaving no time for anything but work, work, work? Is your business stagnating, going no where, the same thing day in and day out? If you're stuck doing it, doing it, doing it ... you're not running a business, your business is running you!

This seminar on video has shown thousands how to take charge of their construction business, make the business work for them, increase efficiency, production, and profits ... some have increased profits over 200%! It can do the same for you.

Just read these reviews Henry received when he gave just a 90 minute segment of this program at the National Association of Home Builders 2000 Show in Atlanta:

  • "Henry makes you think about how you are doing things"
    Dan Ellithorp

  • "You have good pertinent information to share"
    S. Berry Jones, AIA

  • "It's not just income and payouts, there were alternative ways to look at the numbers!"
    Troy Wilson

  • "This seminar was the best thing I took away from the show this year!"
    Richard Rhodes

But it doesn't stop here, in March, Henry gave the same presentation to the members of The Associated General Contractors of America at their show in Nashville. Here is just a sampling of the rave reviews we received:

  • "What I like most about your seminar was the Shock Value of what it could be."
    Lewis May, CEO

  • "It hits home!"
    Neil Reede, President

  • "Eye opener on what I need to focus on as a young business."
    Brent Halcomb

  • "All the right ideas about analyzing your business"
    Glen Duecker

Let's face it, if you're not happy with the way your business is going, it'll never change until you learn how to change it. So the question is: Are you prepared to free yourself from the chains that are holding you back?

The Ten Reasons Why Most Contractors Fail With Their Business

  1. Failure to leverage themselves with systems.
  2. Failure to have a vision and a purpose for their business.
  3. Failure to have a strategic business plan that gives them control.
  4. Failure to set an operating budget and review procedure.
  5. Failure to understand their numbers.
  6. Failure to markup their work properly.
  7. Failure to have a market strategy.
  8. Failure to have an organized structure for employees.
  9. Failure to establish and communicate company goals and objectives.
  10. Failure to have adequate capital reserves.

You can avoid falling victim to these common traps that have shackled more contractors to a fate of mediocrity just by owning this seminar tape series.

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Here is some of the powerful information you'll learn on this tape:

  • How to determine the right markup for your business so you make the profit you want.
  • How to set realistic goals and objectives for real business growth.
  • The formula you need to know for making "smart" business decisions.
  • How to determine your backlog amount and remove the highs and lows.
  • How to determine and grab your share of the market. No more waiting for customers to call you!
  • How to build an organizational structure that works for you, even if you're on vacation!
  • How to set realistic budgets and how to control them.
  • How to get your customers to buy more from you and increase your profit margins in the process.
  • How to leverage yourself through your employees and get more time for yourself.
  • How to make promotional pieces that cause an avalanche of new work.
  • How to develop new cash flow scores.
  • How to increase the value of any services you now offer and maximize profits.
  • And even more!

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No Matter What Kind of A Contractor You Are or
What Kind of Service You Offer -
This Tape Series Will Help You Improve Your Business.

But get ready for a shock. This information is going to rattle your cage. It's unlike anything you've ever been exposed to before. If you're expecting something boring, out of the ordinary, or simple minded, like those other seminars you've ever attended, you've got another thing coming. This is everything you need to know to get your construction business working for you.

And the results?

Well, here's what happened to one seminar attendee who used just one of my business building principles he learned from this seminar:

"I left your seminar last August and implemented your budget and markup process. I admit that my attempt was a little crude, but it worked. I never made as much money as I have in the last six months!"
Ray P.

And You Too, Can Use This Seminar To Make
Your Business More Profitable!

Be warned, unless you possess this business building information for yourself - you business will never get any better.

Did you know that the industry success rate for contractors is a meager 2-3%. That's means that the majority of contractors are slaves to the day-to-day hassles of owning their own business. Do you want to continue as an official member of the Rat Pack, or do you want to be an elite member of the 2-3% Success Achievers? I don't know about you, but life is to short to waste being a slave to your business.

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Powerful Tape Series?

Well, realize that this information will make you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, and that it cost me tens of thousands of dollars to learn it myself. In all fairness, I should probably charge you my consulting fee for this information, but that would be too much (my average fee for a strategic business plan is $10,000 to $50,000).

But, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount because I want you to get the same results that this contractor got after he attended my seminar.

"I attended your Orlando seminar and couldn't believe how powerful your information was. I implemented just one of your seminar ideas and it has already made me over $10,000 and growing! Thanks for the great business building information, I intend to attend your next seminar for more!"
John K.

So, I'm not going to charge you any outrageous amounts for these seminar tapes.In fact, your total investment for this three tape seminar series is just $299. Far less than what it can pay you back with its powerful money making information, you can review it over and over in the comfort of your own home, thereby, discovering that next great business building idea that will make you even more money in return.

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As a special free bonus for acting immediately I'll also give you my financial templates on a disc, in Microsoft Excel 2000 format. These are the exact same financial templates that I'll be explaining to you in the tape series. Everything you need to get started, including my Better-Than-Risk-Free-Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to implement the business building information that is on these tapes, you'll produce a return on your investment of at least 100 times your initial investment. That's right, 100 times extra profits you wouldn't have made without these tapes. You've got a full 12 months to prove to yourself that this powerful business building information really does work. But if you're not completely satisfied, let me know and return the tapes undamaged. I'll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund right on the spot. Plus, you get to keep the financial templates as yours, just for your trouble.

Is that fair or what?

That means that you get to try out all the powerful information contained in these three tapes at my risk. And if they don't help you improve your business, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I'll let you keep the free bonus gift as my way of thanking you for giving this business building information a try. You've got nothing to lose.

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