"How to Market & Sell 300% More
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Stop Marketing and Selling the Hard Way!
Here's How to Develop Breakthrough Marketing and Selling
That Will Increase Sales, Increase Profits, and Will
Blow Your Competition Out-of-the-Water!

Is your marketing and selling exceeding your expectations?

For most contractors, just like you, their marketing and selling produces mediocre results. In fact, it is probably a waste of their time and money. But it doesn't have to be that way. Let me explain.

Marketing and selling are two different vehicles. Marketing produces qualified leads and selling closes the deal. It's a simple as that. So, why the problem?

Most marketing and selling fail because of the approach that is used. It's not the marketing and selling that stinks, it's the approach. If you want to produce marketing and selling vehicles that bring you an avalanche of highly profitable work, you must use the right approach. The "old" approach just won't cut the mustard. Here's what I mean:

If this web page asked you for a Ten dollar bill in order to open it or, if it handed you a Ten dollar bill just for clicking on it, it would be the wrong approach. As long as your focus is on the Ten dollar bill, you would never realize the true value of the message it contains over the remainder of your business life.


Because it offers to place into your hands, the information you need to change your approach and improve your marketing and selling. This is the book that actually outlines marketing and selling schemes, ideas, approaches and plans that have built giants amongst other contractors, who at one time, were just like you. This book is like the construction blue book of marketing for construction contractors.

In just one section of only one chapter in this book it reveals the secret on how to separate yourself from your competition. A devastating blow to your competition that will allow you to grab the Lion's share of the best customers, and leave the scraps for your competition. In another chapter, it tells you, step-by-step, how to create advertisements, brochures, flyers and billboards that will "pull" prospects to you like a magnet! Yet these are only a couple of sections from just two out of seven chapters, all equally valuable.

It tells you how to perfect the selling process, from initial call to the final proposal stage. It's a gold mine of marketing and selling ideas, and most certainly one you want to have in your possession.

Consider these reviews:

"This information is as powerful as Henry's seminars! An absolute must for small and mid-sized construction companies to reach the success level established by their business plans."
Beverly Songer
Construction Administrator
M/WBE Alliance, Inc.

"How to Market and Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic! is an essential business tool for anyone looking to maximize their uniqueness, and place themselves ahead of their competition. Keep a pen handy while reading the book. You'll want to take notes and put what you learn to good use."
Victoria Zambito
Content Director
Online Continuing Education for Licensed and Certified A/E/C/ Professionals

"Henry Goudreau's How to Market & Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic! is a wonderful marriage of theory and practice, with the accent on practice. Goudreau carefully explains the "whys" of effective promotion, but doesn't stop there, leaving his reader unsure of the "how's." Instead, using detailed, hand-on exercises and worksheets, the contractor is walked step-by-step through the process, leading him from conception through execution to results. This is a full sales and marketing classroom course in a single volume."
Jeff Beckner
PWC Magazine
Painting and Wall Covering Contractors Magazine

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Creating Winning Marketing Is The Hard Part ...

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that would make your successful marketing program work - years you can't afford to lose.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to figure it all out, you now have the entire resource of hard-hitting, profit generating ideas and methods, ready at your beck and call, -- announcing:

How to Market & Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic! 
"How to Market & Sell Your Construction Services Like Magic!"

Every idea, method, technique, strategy, and example that you need to start your successful marketing and selling campaign ... turning your company into a booming business, and ... avoiding the costly marketing mistakes that your competition will be making are all here in this one book.

Ten Reasons Why YOU Must Have This Book:

10. You could eliminate all of the hours you waste a week -- every week -- just trying to develop the ineffective marketing and selling your presently utilizing --- with its hit-or-miss results.

9. You can start off with great marketing and selling systems will bring in new customers faster and more effectively . . . This book tells you how to do just that!

8. You'll save yourself a fortune by not using your old, ineffective systems of the past.

7. You and your people, once you've read the book, will be able to get some real results, increasing sales and profits.

6. You'll be able to separate your business from your competition's, making your business the only logical choice and burying your competition.

5. Even if you've got some good stuff going on in your marketing and selling, this information will help you improve it so you can pick up much of the money you're already leaving on the table.

4. You'll discover how to get the customer's focus off low price and onto doing business with you instead.

3. You'll discover how to implement marketing and selling that's accurate, on-target, low risk, and even lower in cost than what you're doing right now.

2. You'll discover how to "take the risk out of doing business with you" and have the customers pounding on your door to do business with you.

And the #1 reason to own this book is:

1. You could easily blow 1000 times the cost of this book by making only a few dumb mistakes that this book will prevent you from doing.*

*Case in point (Name changed to protect the embarrassed): John Contractingman blew his lunch when he realized why he wasted $37,000 in advertising. If he had used the one simple formula that was in one section of the book, his ads would have pulled like crazy and they would been a REAL MONEY-MAKER instead of a BIG MONEY LOSER!

And You Too, Can Use This Simple Formula To Make Yourself A Fortune!

Look at it this way -- the cost of the book is only $34, a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to be wasting on ineffective marketing this year alone. Now, consider the fact that one contractor discovered how to sell just one of his services for $5000 more than he could before he bought the book. That's an immediate return on his investment in the book of 1447% Could just one idea do that for you?

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