Do You Need the Help of America’s #1 Master Business Building Expert for Contractors?

Since 1993, I have advised thousands of contractors helping them make more money, stop their financial leakage, streamline their operations, organize their business structure, market their services far more productively and build a business that works for them. All have discovered they could make more money – sometimes a lot more money than they thought they would ever see in a lifetime, and I’ve shown them how to survive and thrive in a down economy. Not their Sales, not even their gross profit, but more money to their bottom-line from their existing operations.

Most of these contracting business owners who have worked with me were established to start up contractors, all types, all sizes, running their businesses but knowing, deep down, inside that they could do better if they just had some help.

Do you ever wonder if you had an established business adviser to help you in running your business better how quickly you could break through your present barriers?

If you do, if you walk around wondering “what if” but you don’t have the answers, if you know something just isn’t right, and you know if you could discover how to “fine-tune it” – maybe even have a guiding finger point you in the precise direction, you’d be able to reach your goals faster. Then read on.

Are you dealing with?

  • How to drive more money to your bottom-line?
  • Increase Sales and improve cash flow?
  • Crush your competition?
  • Become more prominent in your marketplace, increase market share, and achieve a dominant position?
  • Expand geographically?
  • Get a control on your finances?
  • Get control over your business and employees?
  • Build a business that works for YOU?
  • Structure the business for family or employee takeover

All of these things are possible, if you know how. What you need is a business adviser, and my previous contractors will tell you it is a lot easier if you work with someone who understands, has done it and has seen it before. When you work with me, you’ll gain the benefit of my experiences, knowledge and make more of the right choices and far fewer of the wrong ones. Plus, you will execute quicker, reducing cycle time and create a lot more positive returns much, much faster.

You Need a Business Adviser

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I can help you, click the link at the end of this note. You’ll complete a short information form about your business, and you’ll suggest a couple of good times for us to speak on the phone. I will call you, so we can discuss your present situation, your needs and desires and determine if it makes sense for us to work together.

Let me tell you about my fees. Contractors who have worked with me before have all found the investment in having me work with them to be inexpensive in comparison to the stunning results they achieved from working with me. However, a serious commitment is required. I usually require an initial fact finding trip to your office, the day fee at your office is $950. I also require travel time and travel expense reimbursement. My travel day(s) fee is $150 per day plus whatever travel costs I incur. This is how it works. If I can travel to your office on the same day that I meet with you, there is no travel time fee of $150. However, if I have to travel the day before and/or the day after in order to get to your place of business, those travel days are charged at $150 each plus travel expenses. This is because I travel all over the country. All fees, including travel expenses (budgeted) are paid in full before I leave for your office.

What You Get is Results

What do you get for this affordable investment in improving your business performance?

Well, you’ll get results if you work with me, and you’ll get them faster than if you try and do it on your own. And to be honest, that is exactly what any smart and savvy contractor is looking for --- RESULTS!

However, some folks still don’t understand the process, so allow me to simplify it for you.

To kick things off, we’ll discuss all of your concerns, sort through them, and strategically look at your business. I’ll ask lots of deep drill-down questions, review your pertinent information, so I can zero in on your problems. We’ll look at your competition, your staff, your present operating procedures, your organizational structure, your infrastructure and generally look at your possibilities. This one process has helped so many contractors whom say it is worth far more than the fee they paid for me to sit with them in their offices looking at their businesses. In short, we’ll review everything that is critical to putting your business on the right track.

Next, after our meeting, I’ll work up a report or review detailing the areas that need attention and a game plan and proposal on us working together to correct them. Any additional trips to your place of business, if required, will be included in this report.

As you can imagine, I work only with a handful of clients at a time. If you are seriously interested in getting your business on the right track, contact me and let’s get started. I take my clients on a first-come, first-served basis. When my time is allocated, I will have to put you on my waiting list for future available time slots.

By the way, I live and work in Sarasota, Florida but work with contractors of all sizes and types all over the world. If the services I offer sound like a good fit for you and your business, and if you are truly serious about owning a successful construction business, then click on the following link, fill out the required information, and I’ll be in touch.

Click here if you want to build a better construction business for yourself.